A boy and his dog

Dogs are the best and it’s simply not fair that they don’t live long enough!” – something I hear people say all the time. And I agree a hundgy pee!

What’s also not fair is that my brother had the same lifespan as his beloved dog. (And yes, Thomas was also the “best” in my opinion.)

Months before Thomas passed away, he rang me repeatedly but I didn’t answer my phone. I had a voice message left by him, incredibly distressed that his gorgeous dog, Benji, had cancer. He even wrote on my Facebook page hoping that I’d see it and contact him. Today I found the Facebook post he wrote to me back in 2010. His Facebook page has become a sanctuary for me. Memories that I find myself going through late into the night, trying to remember how he talked and the things we did. Sometimes the memories help me laugh, other times I just cry harder.

Benji died in January 2010.
He was old for a dog.
My brother died on this day in 2010.
He was far too young for a human.

Benji’s collar sits on my brother’s grave and it’s bitter sweet that they spent almost their entire lives together.

Today I’m remembering my unique and special friendship with my brother, and the awesome person he was… like I do every day.

Being online can be lots of fun; it can also be cruel, dark and superficial.
But today was also a reminder that this weird digital age we live in leaves a legacy that one day might be poured over by desperate loved ones.