Adults Need To Grow Up – The Intolerance Of Children In Public

“It takes a village to raise a child.” But is that inclusive attitude really how all the public treat children? I think not.

Though the majority of people take care and time with children, I feel like there’s an increase in intolerance of children for simply existing.

In cafes when children have spilt their drink all over the floor.

When people see they are seated next to a child on an train, bus or aeroplane.

When a child is tired and laying on the floor at the supermarket.

When a child that has autism is triggered by their environment and it’s assumed they are just a brat.

When parents are breastfeeding their their demanding, hungry baby in a public space.

When people can’t be bothered slowing down their car in school zones.

There’s judgment. There’s anger. There’s complaining.

Even if you don’t want kids, don’t even like kids, should children be abstaining from public spaces because adults have no patience?

Even if the parent isn’t parenting well or to your standards, is that the child’s fault?

And surprise, surprise, parents don’t always know when their child may have done something wrong.

Do these people realise this intolerance also hurts the primary carer of that child? The adult. Their attitude towards a 3 year old being a typical 3 year old makes the parent question if it’s just too much hassle to go out.

Yes, we made the decision to have them. Yes, sometimes there’s a time and a place that children shouldn’t be. Yes, some parents need to step up.

But no one is asking randoms to babysit. They aren’t asking them to even like their child. I’m not saying they can’t be disgruntled if an unruly child is causing havoc over their brunch meeting. And yes, it isn’t others “problem” to handle that child’s behaviour, it’s the parent’s.

But the way we all behave towards that child has consequences. Consequences for the future. We need to remember our behaviour models to children how they should behave and be treated.

Intolerance and ignorance amongst so many facets of life is rightfully being stamped out. But why is it that intolerance and ignorance of children in public is still fairly accepted? That it isn’t everyone’s issue?

Like viciously calling out things you also once didn’t know, we are also far too quick to forget how we were as children.

I think it’s time that a lot of adults “grew up.”

Just don’t be surprised when we reach old age and these children are adults in the “village” and are intolerant of us.