AFLW: Why Women’s Football Is Important For My Son

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My knickers are in a knot

My knickers are in a knot. I’m totally exasperated about one of today’s “newsworthy” stories. You probably know the one I’m talking about. The one where a well known woman on her day away from the media was stalked, photographed without consent and then this particular media outlet uploaded images to the Internet with an […]

I Wore A Suit To The Brownlow (“Gownlow”)

CREDIT Suits worn by myself and Liam were designed, made and tailored by the absolutely incredible Carl Navè. Instagram: @cnavetailor Photography done by the extremely talented Grace Petrou. Instagram: @gracepetrou Make-up by the exceptional face painting artist, Tess McFadden. Instagram: @tessm_makeupartist Hair by the long hair genius, Julia Cochrane. Instagram: @hairbyjuliacochrane Media Campaign for a “Bullfree […]

The World Is Predictable In Times Of Tragedy

Devastating news about last night in Orlando. To me, it seems this is the world we live in: •A place where trans people entering bathrooms is seen as a threat to safety but the “freedom” to buy guns and even military assault rifles is not. •Where the only thing keeping society safe is whether or […]

I’m Happy That I’m Not Pregnant

“I’m SO happy that I’m not pregnant!” -said no one on the Internet ever. Because to many in society this still appears to be selfish. It appears to rub it in the face of people that can’t or struggle to have children that often sacrifice all their emotional energy, finances, health and even relationships to […]

My Fanny

Note: I use the word “fanny” in this often. If you are from places such as the USA, the word fanny is used to talk about vaginas in Australia. Not bums.  It is fairly often that people cry out “oh you are so politically correct” to me. Usually I eye roll and couldn’t careless because I […]

Can A Feminist, Football Supporter support the Brownlow?

It is nearly here again. The “night of nights” in football as it is described by the channel covering it. You could easily be mistaken for thinking from the commercials that this was a fashion event. In fact, even a beauty pageant. But indeed it isn’t. It is the night the AFL’s Best and Fairest […]

Bygone Ballet Boy Bias

A little while ago, I was out for lunch at a cafe with some friends (and a couple of acquaintances) of mine. We were in discussions about kids and the general chit chat about what each of us had been doing lately. One of them brought up their son playing football and thinking that we were on the […]

The Truth About AFL WAGs

I have been on the outside of the AFL world so I have a pretty realistic idea of how “WAGs” are seen. Gold digging, plastic, shallow, materialistic, dumb. Maybe even just promoted groupies? Not to mention “living in the limelight.” Therefore I was not surprised when I first started dating my partner that my anti-footballing […]