Bolt has missed the mark on AFL

  Andrew Bolt’s position on the AFL seen in the Herald Sun.   Last night Andrew Bolt came out claiming that the “the Left wing is the AFL’s key position” and the AFL is supporting only “Left” causes. To believe the AFL is being “hijacked” by the Left is simply as accurate as the existence of […]

AFLW: Why Women’s Football Is Important For My Son

This article was written for Kidspot. To read it, click here.   

The World Is Predictable In Times Of Tragedy

Devastating news about last night in Orlando. To me, it seems this is the world we live in: •A place where trans people entering bathrooms is seen as a threat to safety but the “freedom” to buy guns and even military assault rifles is not. •Where the only thing keeping society safe is whether or […]

Bygone Ballet Boy Bias

A little while ago, I was out for lunch at a cafe with some friends (and a couple of acquaintances) of mine. We were in discussions about kids and the general chit chat about what each of us had been doing lately. One of them brought up their son playing football and thinking that we were on the […]