Bolt has missed the mark on AFL

  Andrew Bolt’s position on the AFL seen in the Herald Sun.   Last night Andrew Bolt came out claiming that the “the Left wing is the AFL’s key position” and the AFL is supporting only “Left” causes. To believe the AFL is being “hijacked” by the Left is simply as accurate as the existence of […]

My own “sorry” this Invasion Day.

Dear Aboriginal people,   I want to say my own “sorry” this Invasion Day.   I’m sorry that at this time each year the supermarkets and discount shops fill shelves with the “Australian flag” which has the flag of the nation who invaded this country on it but do not have a single Aboriginal flag.   […]

The World Is Predictable In Times Of Tragedy

Devastating news about last night in Orlando. To me, it seems this is the world we live in: •A place where trans people entering bathrooms is seen as a threat to safety but the “freedom” to buy guns and even military assault rifles is not. •Where the only thing keeping society safe is whether or […]

Why The Surprise over “Asian-Australians”?

To people coming to Australia. I have an issue I need to get off my chest. I of course know this is does not apply to all of you and you may think I’m sensitive, but I am constantly shocked by the amount of people who come to Australia and have to point out how […]

“Delete and Block” to Racism Around Me

Excuse my awful ignorance but I have come to realise how privileged I am in the last 2 days. I mean, I have always known I was lucky but the last 2 days have highlighted it for me even more so. After posting a few of my views on Aboriginal rights in this country, I […]

The Island of Acceptance

When I arrived on Gili Trawangan Island and realised that I needed to cover up due to the huge amount of horses here (of which I am anaphylactic) I was very worried the locals here may think I was being culturally insensitive. The Island is populated predominately by Muslim people and there is a mosque […]

I stand against racism

  As we head into the business end of the football week, I want to make one thing very clear… “I Stand With Adam Goodes” (#istandwithadamgoodes) When my children were born into Australia as white children, they were put at an unfair advantage and already with extreme privileges to those children born to Aboriginal families. Immediately […]