Bolt has missed the mark on AFL

  Andrew Bolt’s position on the AFL seen in the Herald Sun.   Last night Andrew Bolt came out claiming that the “the Left wing is the AFL’s key position” and the AFL is supporting only “Left” causes. To believe the AFL is being “hijacked” by the Left is simply as accurate as the existence of […]

Delphi & Cheska’s Ocean Party – Photo Gallery

My 13 week prem babies have turned 4! Not only do we feel so fortunate that Delphine & Cheska are healthy, happy, spirited, energetic children but personally I’ve found myself transitioning into a different phase of parenting. Nappies, bottles and dummies are all in the past for our house and it really does feel like such an achievement. So we […]

Delphi & Cheska’s Ocean Party – Recommendations

  So lets start off by saying that this is not a sponsored post. I have an overwhelming need to share these incredible small businesses with you because they are truly the goods. They went absolutely above and beyond for us and our daughter’s and we are truly grateful. Enjoy scrolling through the photos and […]

Annie’s “Listens Club”

Welcome to my “Listens Club.” A similar concept to a book club but an audio version. If you have read my Bio (or of course if you know me personally) you will know my eyesight is such that I can’t read a book unless it is magnified on a computer which is very time consuming […]

Walk In Her Shoes

  I’m taking part in CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes Challenge from 17 – 23 March 2014! Please sponsor me by clicking here! I will be walking 25km over a week pushing my 3 kids in the 3 seater pram. I did consider doing 50km but not sure if that is overly ambitious so if I am […]

Skincare for Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Soul

SAY NO TO ANIMAL TESTING I am very passionate about the rights of animals so naturally I support cosmetics and skincare that are not tested on animals. It just seems common sense to me. Do you like it when shampoo gets in your eyes? No? Well, animals don’t either people! With technology nowadays, it is […]

Gift Ideas for Mum’s Day

    I hope you got the memo that it is Mother’s Day this Sunday! If you haven’t already organised what you are getting or doing for your mum… it is time to pull your finger out! One year when I was about 11, I was unable to do the shopping for Mother’s day (as […]

Why I Would Never Reach For My Dreams

Surely you will agree with me that you have no control about what you dream about, yeah? So, I had this dream that I thought was just that outrageous that it was hilarious and therefore had to share it with Liam. I suppose you want to know what it was? Well, in my dream I… […]


My Dad tuned 50 just over a year ago (which I’m sure he loves me sharing) and I really wanted to by him a personalised present. I’ve always gone silly when in it comes to gifts for my parents putting lots of effort in. One year for christmas I hand drew our family tree (my dad […]

My Website Design

I’m in awe of my website and my awesome illustration designed by MILA Graphic Design Studio. Studio director/designer, Tess Milani, worked closely with me to get the exact look that I was going for even though I wasn’t even sure what that was at the time! She was able to encapsulate my ridiculous ideas into […]

Here Goes Nothin’

I was unwillingly told a story about how my friend’s dog was kicked off a cliff by a kangaroo (in the same kind of way I have now implanted that mental picture into your brain unwillingly.) I had this compulsive need to tell every single person that came within yelling distance or rang my phone […]