Blogger Battle

I’m embarrassingly naive at blogging. But it’s become apparent that there’s a blogging battle going on between “Mummy/Daddy Bloggers” in Australia right now. I’ve never considered myself a “mummy blogger.” I made the rookie error of never picking a niche  when I started my page. I post about parenting, but I’m not really a mum […]

PART 1 – Q & A with my OBGYN about Premature Birth & Stillbirth

Part 1 of a 3 part series where my daughters (Delphi & Cheska) and I return to the hospital where they were born premature to ask the questions we’ve always wondered in an attempt to help increase public awareness of premature birth and stillbirth.   In part 1 we reunite with Dr Neil Israelsohn, the […]

I’m Happy That I’m Not Pregnant

“I’m SO happy that I’m not pregnant!” -said no one on the Internet ever. Because to many in society this still appears to be selfish. It appears to rub it in the face of people that can’t or struggle to have children that often sacrifice all their emotional energy, finances, health and even relationships to […]

The Name Game

This post was written for The Name Game. You can see the original post here. The Name Game is a website dedicated to the stories of how people came to name their children and also has an emphasis on finding “different” baby names. I highly recommend! Liam on TV pretending he had no idea about our kids […]

Baby Twins Checklist

If you are expecting twins and are anything like me, you would’ve realised that all the information out there on a “what do I need to have for twins” is very vague. Some general information but really nothing specific to having more than one. And needless to say, having more than one child at a […]