“Delete and Block” to Racism Around Me

uncanny annie malachy aboriginal rights

Excuse my awful ignorance but I have come to realise how privileged I am in the last 2 days. I mean, I have always known I was lucky but the last 2 days have highlighted it for me even more so.

After posting a few of my views on Aboriginal rights in this country, I have received quite a lot of rude and abusive messages online. Some targeted at me but many just of a racist nature. I have had online trolling before. I have had people “hate” me before. Although those times it has hurt (it is never nice to know someone doesn’t like you or doesn’t understand you but is willing to judge you or go out of their way to be cruel) it hasn’t affected me quite like this.

And it is because I have realised that all those times before I just “delete, block and move on.”

Then I can walk out of my house and nothing really changes. But aboriginal people can’t do this. Black people cant do this. Muslim, ethnic, visibly disabled people can’t do this. There is no “delete and block” for them as they walk out the door and into real life.

They face what I have been exposed to in the last few days wherever they may be. I have white privileges. And for what? Because my DNA just happen to make me a different colour. Not because I have anything of substance that in anyway makes me better than anyone else.

I’m embarrassed that despite my best efforts to understand, I jut haven’t really understood like this until now. I’ll never really know what it feels like but I’m making my damnedest effort to continue to educate myself, listen to those with lived experience and be in solidarity.

But I am going to make it my mission to never sit by while I hear racist or bigoted comments just because I don’t have the energy for a fight or “Annie, they just grew up in a different era” or “you are making it awkward for everyone” or “you aren’t going to change the world.” I am going to try and “delete and block” these attitudes around me in the real life because that is where it matters most.