Delphi Cheska Ocean Party Mermaid Seahorse

Delphi & Cheska’s Ocean Party – Photo Gallery

My 13 week prem babies have turned 4! Not only do we feel so fortunate that Delphine & Cheska are healthy, happy, spirited, energetic children but personally I’ve found myself transitioning into a different phase of parenting. Nappies, bottles and dummies are all in the past for our house and it really does feel like such an achievement. So we decided to celebrate… hard! (Kids in bed at 8 while I kicked on with a group of ocean themed best mates until the early morning hours style hard.)

My kids really did have the best day!

The photos are pretty glorious and make me so happy so I’ve decided to share them. Massive shout out to Jane at Miss Pigeon Productions for taking them. (Even more photos can be seen at the other page I created here.)

Also, I desperately want to spread the word about the help I received to organise and host the day. This is not a sponsored post. I want to make that clear. I just have an overwhelming need to share how wonderful and talented the people are that catered, entertained, decorated and face painted. Please do not look past them if you are organising a party!