Don’t Tell Me One Of My Kids Is Your Favourite

Please, please, please, pleeeease don’t tell me when one of my children is your “favourite.” You stab me in the heart when you do so. Though I put my life out there (like so many mothers in this day and age) it was never my intention that my children may be up against each other.

It must be said that there are parts of them and their personalities I appreciate differently to each other and they are not the same people so I do interact with them differently. And there will be times when one is better at something than the other two- I get that. But one thing is for sure, I love them all EQUALLY. So it is never well received if you tell me you like one over the others.

My heart always grows when people tell me they love a certain quality about one of them or they have a child that is similar or even that they think one of my children is their “spirit animal!” It makes me proud.
But I was already a paranoid and slightly twisted parent of twins that worried about my girls being compared so I don’t respond well to being emailed about how one is your “favourite.”

My life is not a sitcom of fictional characters. They aren’t one direction and which band member is your favourite (and even then would you tell Harry’s mum that Zayn was your favourite?! Um, no.)

Maybe you do have a favourite and there is a part of me that understands this might be the case (I hear teachers have favourites pretty often) but please don’t tell me.

And I feel the following is a public safety announcement if you feel so obliged to tell me which is your favourite:
I am their mother. Telling me this is worse than poking the cubs of a protective mother Lioness. You had better run. Fast.