Gift Ideas for Mum’s Day

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I hope you got the memo that it is Mother’s Day this Sunday! If you haven’t already organised what you are getting or doing for your mum… it is time to pull your finger out!

One year when I was about 11, I was unable to do the shopping for Mother’s day (as I did every year) so left it up to my dad and little brother. As mum unwrapped her presents on Mother’s Day, each came also as a surprise to me. She received a 10 pack of blue biro pens, a 2 pack of mens explorer socks, a first aid kit for campers and a keyhole light to shine when you are coming home late at night and can’t see where to put your key. I was 100% sure that they had done their whole shop at “Aussie Disposals.” I burst into tears in my typically dramatic fashion, exclaiming that they had “ruined Mother’s Day.” My mum laughed and was extremely grateful for her (crap) gifts and I think it is suffice to say that regardless of what a Mother receives, she will be very thankful. That’s what makes a mum so special. That’s why she needs spoiling!

I also cooked my mum rubber pancakes every year for 5 years and not once did she tell me however, my cousins bought an Xbox for their mum one year (obviously for themselves) but people, please don’t push it that far.

This year with 3 active children keeping me on my toes, I have truly come to appreciate how fab my mum was for doing what she did (and from all reports I was a much more difficult child than any of my own are… obviously karma doesn’t exist!)

So thanks mum. You are the best. I love you.





Here are my gift suggestions for 2014:


Mobile Phone Holder For Your Pram

If you are buying for a mum that pushes a pram a lot then she needs one of these! They are inexpensive and practical. I know they seem ridiculous as if for those totally addicted to their phone but are more practical than you probably first think. We mammas seem to always have our handbags slung over the pram with our phone right down the bottom virtually unable to be heard if it rings. This holder fixes that problem. And if you put the phone on speaker or have earphones with the mouth piece, you will be able to take calls and still push with 2 hands. Handsfree pram pushing. Genius. To buy click here


pram phone holder


Postercandy Collage (Made From Your Instagram or Facebook Photos!)

If you are looking to get some photos printed for Mother’s day consider collaging your instagram or facebook photos.

All you have to do is go to here on your phone or computer and follow the steps. First choosing the size you want, then the Instagram or Facebook photos you want on it and then the order in which they are placed (or you can even press a scramble button and they will randomise the photos for you.) It is incredibly simple and comes in a whole range of sizes and prices (that are very reasonable!) A small one may take you only a couple of minutes to make and start from $15.

I got a huge one (the biggest they offer) done for Liam’s birthday last year. It has 368 photos and cost $99 to get printed. Admittedly, it did take me days as I had to source photos and set up a fake instagram account (as not to clog people’s instagram feeds on my normal account.) Plus there were private photos I didn’t want my instagram followers seeing.






If you would rather get something for your mum that you could do together, why not consider tickets to to go to something together? My personal pick would be the Rocky Horror the Musical that is running from May 3rd to July 13th in Melbourne. See here





Jewellery is generally playing it quite safe but always a great gift. You can find some great pieces at places such as on Jacobs The Jeweller website. How about personalising it? Here a few options…

Shrinky Dink Necklace (Handmade)

Shrinky Dink Dots are baking paper like dots that start about the size of your palm. All you have to do is get the kiddies to draw with ordinary pencils on the dots, put a hole punch in the top, put them in the oven (which once cooked will harden and shrink and ended up looking like a pendant) take it out of the oven and put it on a chain. See how to do it here.

You can buy shrinky dinks from most craft shops and are inexpensive (about $12 for a pack of 5)



Dogtag Necklace (Photo)

Photo embossed necklaces are a beautiful gift. Do a quick google search to see if anywhere in your area does them (highly likely) but if not, there are loads that can be sent to you on ebay etc. Prices can start at $15 through to $200. But the quality of the photo is generally always the same it is only the quality of the necklace that changes.


Dogeared “Create” Your Own Necklace (Symbolic)

Dogeared are an American company that have jewellery that have fine symbolic pendents. They have a “Mom” (american spelling!) section but also have a “create” section where you can chose the necklace then the tiny symbolic pendants to go on it. I have three kids that have the Aries star sign so I would get something like that. The brand dogeared are also in Mocha shops in Melbourne if you are concerned that your necklace may not be posted in time. Click here to check out Dogeared Jewellery



Audio Book

If your mum is a book lover but struggles finding the time to read as much as she would like, audio books are a great idea. Maybe she is a working mum and can listen to it in the car or train? Maybe she is a stay at home mum that can listen to it while she does the housework? Or maybe she is a mum that would just like to drown the sound of the kids out?! Though please take note, 50 Shades of Grey is not a great audio book suggestion. I got it and was so bashful about the neighbours hearing it and having it read to you is a bit creepy!



Bed Linen

I think this is a very safe bet. Usually mums don’t get a whole lot of sleep so make it quality sleep. I stumbled upon these Kip&Co velvet quilt covers (see here) that I am personally dreaming about (hint, hint to my kids… and by that I mean you Liam!)audio book



ScentGlow Warmer

I am utterly obsessed with scented candles but worry a lot about my kids getting burnt. However, I bought myself one of these a few weeks ago and I am in love. They are “ScentGlow Warmers” where they have no flame but rather plug into the wall. The scented wax is heated at a lower temperature than your typical scented candle and therefore when the wax is touched (maybe by a child) it is only warm and not scalding. They are very efficient and the wax melts that emit the scent last ages! To check out more click here



Mum questionnaire

Mum’s love to hear what their kids have to say about them. Questionnaires filled out about her can often create laughter and nostalgia. Kikki K have a range of nice books that can be filled out or you could also make your own. To check out the range at Kikki K click here





If you were thinking of giving flowers, terrariums are a great alternative. Obviously they aren’t as short term as a bunch of flowers! Mums don’t usually have a lot of time to be watering plants as well as the children but these little micro gardens don’t take much maintenance. Terreriums are pretty popular nowadays so can be found in many shops. I bought my parents one for Easter from Jasmine who who runs a little business through instragram and can be found @jasmineputrachim. Unfortunately, she won’t be making anymore until June as she prefers to custom make them as the costumer wants them and has currently a lot of orders but I’m sure Mum would be fine with an IOU!


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.46.06 pm


ATTENTION: If you are my mum please look away now! … Seriously mum, I mean it!






Towns Canvas

This year I have order my mum a subway style canvas with the towns and streets that have significance to our family. You can always make your own and get it printed but I did some googling and got some pros to do it for me.






And finally, all these gifts are wonderful but remember daughters and sons… give mum a sleep in!