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I stand against racism

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As we head into the business end of the football week, I want to make one thing very clear…

“I Stand With Adam Goodes” (#istandwithadamgoodes)

When my children were born into Australia as white children, they were put at an unfair advantage and already with extreme privileges to those children born to Aboriginal families.

Immediately their life expectancy was approx.10 years more than aboriginal children born on the same day. The likelihood of them suffering from or dying from a preventable disease was incredibly low unlike Aboriginal people who the UN explained, deal with “health conditions worse than Third World.”

Their chance of housing over crowding, poor housing quality and homelessness was at a statistically momentous advantage than that of Aboriginal people. There was almost no chance my children would ever find themselves unwillingly displaced like we are seeing happen with the forced closure of Aboriginal communities.

Their risk of receiving an inadequate education and their risk of incarceration, and suicide were so much less than that of Aboriginal people that it is hard to believe they can live in the same country.

Their history, language and culture would never be unfairly scrutinised, condemned or misinterpreted like that of Aboriginal people.

White privilege exists in Australia.

I praise Adam Goodes for using his platform to highlight the plight of his people.

I feel silly and naive that I was unaware of the depth of racism that still existed in this country. I knew there were “some” racist people and racist attitudes but it is evidently clear that we have a long way to go.

Though the events of this week have scared the life out of me and at times made me feel quite depressed, I am ambitious more than ever that change needs to happen. I sure as heck hope that my generation can help fix the wrongs have been done to the Aboriginal people of this country before my children and their generation are left to deal with this injustice…