I’m Not An Over-Sharer

I admirer “over-sharers” and I can see how many  find them empowering. I’m not an over sharer though.

Because I’m cautious of what my kids would want on the Internet in years to come. There have been times when I was going to stop posting them at all and I am still conflicted about this.

Because I am alarmed to find people pretending to be the parent of my children online and then using images that seem to replicate my children in video games in situations I disapprove of.


Example of someone online pretending my children were there’s 

Because once our house was robbed while we were on holidays immediately after we were too relaxed about disclosing online where we lived.

Because I have received death threats and threats of violence before and I am aware of the stress that violent or hurtful comments towards me puts on my family.

Warning: Post below uses highly offensive and racist language. May be triggering for some people. I did not censor the language as I believe it shows the language used too frequently online and what people are exposed to.


Most recent offensive post by someone on my blog 

Because some element of privacy needs to be maintained for my family so they can relax, have control and feel at ease.

Because my family and friends deserve me to be present and experience life with them in real time and not through a camera.

Because I don’t think it is always relevant what I had for dinner or what I am wearing.

Because not everything I do sets the right example and the words “role-model” tick through my mind frequently.

I share my stories that I think will challenge, help, relate, create insight, make people smile or create conversation that I can learn from. Not contribute to already over saturated social media.

This doesn’t mean I shy away from posting what I am passionate about or being outspoken. It means when I do have something to say, I mean it and it is worth the worry if there is backlash.

Maybe some would say I do over-share? I would say I intentionally share parts of my life but not all of it.

Kudos to the over-sharers. I wish I was so care free. But I’m a over thinker.



  1. Joanne Fraser says:

    Annie I enjoy reading and watching your input in social media as most of us do. I learn from you and admire your beliefs however what you have shown us above honestly makes me feel sick and im sorry you have to experience such an awful side of humans. You do make a positive difference with you views / opinions and you make this world a better place, thank you.

    • Thank you so much Joanne. I feel I am pretty resilient but I worry more about how it affects the people around me. I’m just glad I have so many kind people like you that support what I do even if they don’t always agree with me. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me 🙂 xx

      • Joanne Fraser says:

        You are not only a very intelligent kind hearted independent women but also very strong and dont hide from voicing your beliefs even though you know you will receive awful hurtful comments. My son’s best mate is Muslim and he had to go off social media altogether becsuse he could no longer handle the hatred his religion/culture was getting. I adore him and you would be lucky to meet a nicer boy. Ive also just unfriended a long time “friend” on FB due to his racist posts. I worked in a complaints department at a major bank and the horrid things that were said about me and my family by strangers was staggering. I know this is very small compared to what you would see and that is why I admire you so very much and you also have a very positive influence over my wonderful 18 yo daughter. So again thank you for being the woman that you are. Keep up the brilliant work!

  2. Tasmine says:

    Annie. The world needs more people like you – kind hearted, warm, intelligent and funny. We need to push the boundaries of things that are the ‘social norm’ and be more accepting of the others and you reflect that in your blogs and your snaps. You use your social media as a platform for raising ideas you are passionate about which is brave in itself as it can make you a target for some but it makes you so very appealing to those like me. Perhaps if everyone loved each other the way you love your babies and fur babies I think the world would be a happier place. Love your work.

  3. Laura harvey says:

    Ahh just found your blog and im so inlove 😍 props to you! Theres not many people who can live their life in the spotlight and still be so level minded! I admore that! Im a massive bulldogs fan and found you through their instagrams and im So glad i did! Also keep up the great snapchat 🖒 xo

  4. Annie, We love your blog and we love your honesty. And it’s always honesty. It doesn’t have to be detailed in all it’s gory to be relevant and interesting. The above article resonates with us so much and also kind of scares the heck out of us and reminds us of the big bad world there is mixed in with the good one. Some oversharers are funny, some are as boring as hell… you however are perfect as you are! xx Karina

  5. Alexandria says:

    People have a sick need to wanting to know everything an anything these days! Sharing the right amount is key. You share a perfect amount and it’s nice to get a little insight to your life, but that’s exactly what it is YOUR life and nice to keep some of that sacred for you and your family. Love your work! 💖

  6. Loved this blog Annie. I’m an “unknown” blogger and I kinda like that. Like you, I’m an over thinker and feel quite conflicted about sharing photos of my family on the inter webs, wondering if I’m “serving them up” to the crazies of this world.
    But I love helping others in some way, and I suppose that’s the reason I/we blog, hey?
    I follow lots of over-sharer bloggers and some days I feel that they are saying exactly what I want to – but I also think that one day my kids will wonder why their mamma did that, when we’re encouraging them to not “give it all away”, so to speak.
    Keep up the awesome blogging, and rise about the trashiness of cyber trolls!

  7. No matter what you say there will ALWAYS be someone who doesn’t agree. Rightfully or wrongly. Like our political leaders who would never ever both agree that one idea is a good one! True true you need to be careful about what you let people know but stand true to yourself, keep being yourself, that’s what we love most about you! You wouldn’t be Annie if you changed. X

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