I’m Not An Over-Sharer

I admirer “over-sharers” and I can see how many  find them empowering. I’m not an over sharer though.

Because I’m cautious of what my kids would want on the Internet in years to come. There have been times when I was going to stop posting them at all and I am still conflicted about this.

Because I am alarmed to find people pretending to be the parent of my children online and then using images that seem to replicate my children in video games in situations I disapprove of.


Example of someone online pretending my children were there’s 

Because once our house was robbed while we were on holidays immediately after we were too relaxed about disclosing online where we lived.

Because I have received death threats and threats of violence before and I am aware of the stress that violent or hurtful comments towards me puts on my family.

Because some element of privacy needs to be maintained for my family so they can relax, have control and feel at ease.

Because my family and friends deserve me to be present and experience life with them in real time and not through a camera.

Because I don’t think it is always relevant what I had for dinner or what I am wearing.

Because not everything I do sets the right example and the words “role-model” tick through my mind frequently.

I share my stories that I think will challenge, help, relate, create insight, make people smile or create conversation that I can learn from. Not contribute to already over saturated social media.

This doesn’t mean I shy away from posting what I am passionate about or being outspoken. It means when I do have something to say, I mean it and it is worth the worry if there is backlash.

Maybe some would say I do over-share? I would say I intentionally share parts of my life but not all of it.

Kudos to the over-sharers. I wish I was so care free. But I’m a over thinker.