Uncanny Annie is eccentric, opinionated and never boring.

Blogging on her page since mid 2015, she quickly gained a fan base for readers that appreciated humour, honesty, and not conforming to the norm.

Annie has this uncanny knack of being able to talk and write on serious, pressing issues then in the next minute talk about pop culture and her past use of adult nappies.

Annie is unashamedly herself as seen at the AFL Brownlow Medal 2016. She has also had many incredible and unique life experiences and prides herself on being a “people person.”

Additionally, Uncanny Annie uses her newly found platform to highlight the issues she is most passionate about including (but not limited to) the experience of premature birth and twins,  aboriginal rights, gender equality, LGBTQI rights, environmentalism, animal rights and life following the passing of a loved one.


Annie’s distinctive writing ability combined with her unique opinion has been sought after by various news and entertainment outlets.

Annie has written for exclusively for TIME. She’s also written and had her work republished on KidspotMamaMiaThe Motherish,  The Daily Mail and The Herald Sun just to name a few.


Annie has studied Advance Radio Training at The Radio Training Institute in Melbourne. She was part of the Breakfast Show for the pop-up radio station RTI FM. She is ambitious to follow a career in radio.

Uncanny Annie has also been sought after for interviews on radio stations such as  774 ABC, ABC Radio National, JOY 94.9, Melbourne’s KIIS FM and BBC Radio.

She has also participated in a chaotic but honest and hilarious podcast for MamaMia which you can listen to below:


Uncanny Annie has appeared Sunrise on Channel 7, The Morning Show (which you should definitely check out if you want to see how easily a segment can be derailed by children!) and was featured with her family on channel 7’s coverage of the AFL. She has also appeared on The Boris and Nicole show via Skype (filmed in LA.)


Uncanny Annie has appeared at the AFL Brownlow Medal red carpet including in 2016 where she made a bold statement about sexism, bullying and self expression. Annie enjoys being playful with the clothing she wears and appreciates that fashion is the “visual representation of how you feel.” However, most of her attention to fashion is with her mini fashionistas – her children – Malachy, Delphi and Cheska. She is of the belief that children should also be able individuals with their fashion and mostly lets her children dress themselves. After her “Twin Photo” went viral it drew the eye of many fashionistas to Uncanny Annie’s Instagram account and her daughters were written about by many bloggers including Helsy Flores and tweeted by Gossip Girl which has over 636,000 followers.


Annie went viral after posting a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek photo of her twins with signs on their prams to all the “FAQ” that twin parents receive. The post was seen by more than 2 million people in less than two days and reached International attention within less than 3 days of posting the photo. Since that time other posts she has done have also hit headlines including a photo of her on the toilet!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.35.52 PM

Uncanny Annie’s story was picked up by outlets all over the world. Some of the publications that wrote about Uncanny Annie can be seen below:

Along with various other publications throughout Europe and all the way to Mexico, China and India.

Unilad photo


Annie attended university doing a bachelor of law/science before changing her degree to a bachelor of science (psychology.) Unfortunately due to unforeseen life circumstances, Annie had to defer. However, she does not regret the time spent studying and regards all further education, completed or not, as highly beneficial.

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