My Fanny

Note: I use the word “fanny” in this often. If you are from places such as the USA, the word fanny is used to talk about vaginas in Australia. Not bums. 

It is fairly often that people cry out “oh you are so politically correct” to me. Usually I eye roll and couldn’t careless because I try my best to have fun without offending people or being an ignorant douche.

So it is rare that I am on the other side of this. However this time I have found something that I find way too politically correct: Vaginas.

The other day a popular blog I follow wrote “fanny” and I couldn’t believe the comments.
“Oh I hate that word. Please don’t use it.”
“You should really use the anatomically correct word for it: vagina”
“Stop! That is an awful word to say. I really don’t know what I am going to call it when I have a daughter.”

I should also mention she wrote “balls” in the same sentence. There was tumble weed rolling down the street of conversation surrounding calling them their “actual name.”

Why is it that fannies have become so “politically correct”? Why is it that when we talk about balls, doodles, bums and even boobs no one really cares?

Why is it that fannies are so serious and can’t be fun? From experience, they are fun! They are extremely fun sometimes. They do all sorts of wonderful things more so than many other body parts. Yeah, sex is one but they also birth babies, and wee. Which when you are 3 and have held onto a full bladder all the way home and urinate in the toilet to be rewarded with a sticker on your toilet training chart – it is SO fun! I have even seen them smoke cigarettes. I mean, no I haven’t. That never happened.

Anyway, I understand that teaching your children the anatomically correct word empowers them, educates them and helps shake the stigma surrounding them and shame little girls are often made to feel about them. But if my daughters want to talk to me about their vagina and use “fanny” to explain to me what is going on, cool. So be it.

Seriously though, why can’t we do both? Can’t we explain the technical terminology and also the nicknames? We nickname everything in this country! A head is a cranium but also can be your noggin’. Your toes and fingers are your phalanges but are also your twiddly sticks and they are sometimes pigs that say “weeee” all the way home. Your vagina is also your fanny and that is cool too. And while we are at it lets teach our children with penises and testicles their proper names too.

And all those screaming that it should be called a “vagina,” well no. Not really. If you are going to get scientific and specific, I think what you are talking about is the vulva. Which is also fun to say: vulva, vulva, vulva! Ha! It puzzles me that we don’t mistake which is the testicles and which is the penis. Maybe we do need to say vulva more?

Additionally, some of these people went on to say they didn’t like either name: fanny or vagina/vulva. They said they called their’s: peach, hooha, fifi, mini and whistle to name a few! Ever so cryptic if you ask me, especially as most of those are already objects or names. I would probably assume everything is sexual innuendo after a while and that would definitely get me into trouble. Plus, if my husband asked me if he could “suck my whistle” or “eat my peach” I would seriously go looking for a whistle and a peach. And that would be very disappointing!

So can’t we just accept that Fanny is a legitimate nickname for vuvla? Can’t we use both? Like when I am happy with my kids I call them their nickname and when they have written on the walls I say their full name. Can’t we do that? Can’t we call her Fanny for fun and then “Doctor, my vulva’s being a pain in the…well… the vulva. I think I have thrush?”

Maybe I am biased because my name is Annie and my nickname is Fanny (rhyming names is glorious when you are in year 2.) But did you know that the meaning of the actual name “Fanny” in Latin means “free one”? So let’s do it! Let’s free her!


annie sucking a peach

Me, sucking a peach.


  1. This is an uneducated post, based on a single opinion and little to no research into the REASONS that paediatricians recommend teaching children the correct terminology.

    • Haha! Hi there Miles. A single opinion? Um, yeah- of course it is. It is my blog site and not sure if you should be scrolling personal blogs if you want an array of opinions. And uneducated? Well, if that is your opinion- no worries. I actually did research on nearly this exact topic when I was at university doing phsychology/science some years ago. I have read several papers on it in fact! Never said correct terminology shouldn’t be used, just said that I personally (again- my opinion after research and experience) think it should be used as well as being able to call it a “fanny” if that is how girls and women want to talk about it. And not sure if this is a serious post or a troll as you put your fake email address but from the name Miles (assuming that is your name and also not a fake detail) I assume you have a penis? Which is cool. All opinions are able to be heard on my blog page. But it would mean you wouldn’t understand what the stigma and shame girls are made to feel around talking about their anatomy. So although you may feel well rounded on your own personal research and do not agree with me, as a human with a fanny/vulva I just think it is good we are even talking about female anatomy at all. Hey, this whole article was probably written just so I could talk about mine (but I think you missed the humour in that.) Thanks for commenting. Appreciate anyone taking the time to write to me 🙂

      • This is great My little girl is 4 she knows its a vagina she calls it giny though really don’t think it matters what you call it giny ,fanny,vagina as long as you teach you kids that its private That nobody has the right to look or touch and they can come to you and say what ever who cares what they call it as long as they are able to express them self’s and tell you if there is a problem . so Vagina,Fanny,Giny as long as they feel comfortable talking about their bodies who cares lol

  2. Hahaha you could call it C*** and see what people say. I think fanny is a great word for vagina. Much less the fact that the vagina isn’t visable so you should write labia majors hahahaha! People are prudes. Love what you do

    • I agree…..C*** to me is a terrible word…sounds terrible too! The rest are not so bad. Never heard peach until now. lol People are prudes…I agree on that one too! Keep up the awesome posts Annie!! Love your posts and blogs!!

  3. Love it Annie! You are so right. Our kids need to know the right names for things for abuse situations I understand but as long as they understand that fanny equals vulva/vagina who cares. But why peach (or mango!!!)

  4. PS sorry autocorrect stopped me from saying Majora

  5. Christie says:

    We can it a chuck which is absolutely frigging hilarious when my daughter is at nursery and calls for someone to ‘come wipe my chuck ‘ when she’s had a pee!
    Why do people have to be so bloody serious all the time? I grew up calling it my front bum and never heard the word vagina until I did sex ed at school and it never left me confused or embarrassed by it!
    I don’t mind the word fanny at all I find it probably easier for kids to talk about it all if it’s made a bit fun and less serious.
    Miles go play with your pean and leave fanny annie alone, get blog, her opinion!

  6. ebony cook says:

    Love this!!!! You say what everyone else is afraid to say! Smooches from Atlanta, Ga😘

  7. Hahaha I love this! Xo

  8. Pretty sure Miles is just disappointed he didn’t hear or see more about your fanny when he opened the article ;-P

  9. In primary schools we are starting to be more specific (can I just say I am a primary school teacher – not a random creep haha) about labelling body parts by their actual name (vagina, penis etc) because of new safety policies so that if children are abused they can articulate exactly what/where the abuse was on their bodies. I guess if a child says ‘peach’ then the teacher or other trusted adult may not know what they’re referring to! But I’m pretty sure most families have a special name for these very special parts 🙂 the more we allow our kids, especially girls, to talk about them and ‘normalise’ them the better! Thanks for the awesome post 🙂

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