Here Goes Nothin’

I was unwillingly told a story about how my friend’s dog was kicked off a cliff by a kangaroo (in the same kind of way I have now implanted that mental picture into your brain unwillingly.) I had this compulsive need to tell every single person that came within yelling distance or rang my phone for at least a month. And even after I go, “Oh, I have the worst story to tell you” and they go “Argh, I don’t want to know” I would nag them until they would cave in.

So, I got thinking. Why the heck do I need to tell this story that I didn’t even want to know? Am I just mean? That would be the answer I didn’t want.

I eventually concluded that some stories are hilarious so they should be shared to bring joy to others (not in this case though.)

There are some stories aren’t nice and it helps if people if it is talked about it so people can relate and sympathise (poor doggie.)

There are some stories that provide information and a cautionary tale (do not walk your dog near kangaroos and a cliff.)

And then there are some stories that are just that unbelievable that the world should know such a thing happened (WHO KNEW KANGAROOS COULD DO THIS?!)

So that’s why Uncanny Annie is here. To laugh. To relate. To learn. To shock.

PS- I am so sorry I told you that story.