My knickers are in a knot

My knickers are in a knot.

I’m totally exasperated about one of today’s “newsworthy” stories.
You probably know the one I’m talking about. The one where a well known woman on her day away from the media was stalked, photographed without consent and then this particular media outlet uploaded images to the Internet with an infuriatingly sexist, clickbait headline which provoked people to critique and cyber bully her.


Just for context, the title read something similar to, “celeb dares to bare with granny panties showing a visible line as she steps out in Sydney” And went on to rumour about who she is dating because again, apparently that is the public’s business.
I will not name the celeb because no person deserves to be bullied and I do not want to further enable this. I’m also not going to provide a link because I do not want to give them clicks (which makes them money) and encourages them to produce more articles like this.

Anyway, it is another classic “story” that lacks conscience, creativity and stinks (just like a pair of soiled undies) like sexist shit.

The story was framed with ridiculous and unfair assumptions like…

  • Women always dress for the eyes of others – I mean, that is where she went wrong, yeah? She totally forgot that her comfort is at the least, “daggy” and at the most, “newsworthy.” I did note she wore thongs instead of heels too! Oh the horror. Quick, call the fashion police!
  • By wearing comfortable underwear she has “let herself go” – Seriously people, you can have self respect and wear comfortable knickers. And clearly this media outlet has never watched frozen. It’s cool and totally reasonable to “let it go” nowadays.
  • It is everyone’s business what is under a women’s clothes– We see this pretty often with fat shaming, when women are bra-less and Muslim women wear coverings. Let’s get it straight; it is no one’s business what is under anyone’s clothes. A damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation since you pop a boob out to breastfeed and there are screams to “put it away!” yet cover up and you’re still scrutinised. Solution to all these “problems”? Don’t like it, don’t look! Life continues after undie lines show and people feed their babies.
  • Women’s bodies and fashion choices are up for public discourse – Nope. Not on. Women have  said it over and over. Don’t do it. Leave it for adult paegants… And well, those other times where adults consent to having their bodies and choices judged (of which there are few occasions.) And if you don’t like Gran’s undies at least take her advice that, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.”
  • That “Granny Undies” are a bad thing– Since this celebrity is not a grandma she actually wasn’t wearing granny undies. Like a “beach body” is just a body that goes to the beach, “Granny undies” are just undies worn by grannies. Nothing wrong with that. I’ll let my gran and her friends that are grandparents know if there is a problem so they can relive their hippy 60s-70s and start boycotting undies again.
  • That there is no sex appeal in comfortable clothing if there is one thing I know about “granny undies” it is that Bridget Jones never had a problem pulling while wearing them and I too can vouch for that 👊

So in support of people wearing whatever underwear they want,  these are my comfy undies. I bought them after I had a c-section with my twins because they would sit nice and high and not on my scar. I’m obviously all heeled now but they are still my favourite. I like when I wear them that I feel I can breathe deeper, that they stop my pubes from poking through the material like when you squish the vegemite through a cruskit, they hold a maxi pad firmly, that they accentuate my “out of fashion” lack of booty (which makes me laugh) and that they just simply do their job.

And in the spirit of dismantling sexism and being fairer on the genders, here is my husband’s comfy undies as well. They have a hole in the gooch.