My Website Design

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I’m in awe of my website and my awesome illustration designed by MILA Graphic Design Studio.
Studio director/designer, Tess Milani, worked closely with me to get the exact look that I was going for even though I wasn’t even sure what that was at the time! She was able to encapsulate my ridiculous ideas into a classy, modern and fun way.
With her amazing talent, Tess was able to draw my logo even managing to draw a (flattering and much better looking) version of me!
Tess also worked with me every step of the way to explain how to get around my site and be able to use it as I am totally technologically challenged.
I totally recommend MILA!
Based on the surf coast of Victoria, MILA offer a broad range of identity, web, digital, print and package design services.
If you are interested more about what MILA does or working with MILA check out the website
or contact Tess Milani at:
phone ~ +61 400 234 176