Delphi & Cheska’s Ocean Party – Recommendations

So lets start off by saying that this is not a sponsored post. I have an overwhelming need to share these incredible small businesses with you because they are truly the goods. They went absolutely above and beyond for us and our daughter’s and we are truly grateful. Enjoy scrolling through the photos and please consider them if you’re ever hosting a party!


Instagram: @_thewilderpeople


I can not speak highly enough of this business! The Wilder People are a very new, small, handcrafted, plant based catering business offering a range of food that is edgy, delicious and aesthetically stunning! Days later I’m still receiving compliments about the food. I always find it amusing when those who think vegans eat grass and carrots are surprised how delicious vegan food is and there was no one better to prove this than The Wilder People. The menu for the day included food such as vegan sausage rolls, BBQ jackfruit sliders, crispy tofu tacos, vegan mac and cheese, caramel popcorn cups, gooey caramel slice and of course both the birthday cakes! The food was of such a high quality and it was nutritious enough that even footballers were going back for more.


Instagram: @kidsbeats


Hiring Laura was the best gift my twins received for their birthday. Meeting her days out from the party they were instantly taken by her warmth and woke up on the day of the party asking, “is today the day when Laura comes to our house?” Laura really went above and beyond (understatement!) She created the photo box that said “Delphi & Cheska’s Ocean Party.” She dressed up as Delphi’s favourite character – Ariel. She set up a disco with her own lighting and large speaker. She helped the children create their own badges and glitter jars. She ran games and team work activities. She can also do face painting – what can’t she do? Laura really was the pied piper of the children all day… meaning us parents and adults were able to enjoy each other’s company even more 😉


Instagram: @mintandsugerparties


I’m not sure if I even need to say anything here about the decorating? The photos do the talking! But I must say though how wonderful it was to work with Dani and Kat. Their creativity and organisation was truly remarkable. Not only did they decorate but they made the biscuit favours I handed out at the end of the party. They went out of their way to readjust their recipe so the biscuits would be completely vegan. I can’t thank you both enough Dani and Kat.


Instagram: @penelopemakeupart


Take one look at these photos and her instagram account and you will know that Penelope is a whole new level of face painting/make up art. Her creativity knows no bounds, her art leaves people in awe and heck, she’s an awesome person too. So friendly with the children and personable. She’s the real package deal! Penelope was yet another person that went above and beyond for us. She created the crowns/headwater for myself and Delphi, created a necklace and ring for Cheska and made Liam’s whole octopus costume! She also dressed up on theme. We are so thankful for her expertise and time.