On TV – Postcards

I was on postcards on channel 9 and it was so fun! (even if I’m gangly and awkward on TV- haha!)

To see the whole segment, click here.

Also check out this very accurate observation made by me in this Instagram Video and post below – LOL!

Thanks so much to Bec Judd and the whole Postcards team for such a fun time filming!

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Okay so …. 1️⃣ I’m on @9postcards this Sunday at 5.30pm on channel Nine. Woohoo! #9Postcards 2️⃣ @becjudd is the ultimate professional and she has the on screen biz downpat. It’s a lot harder than it looks people! I had so much fun filming with her 😊 3️⃣I wont be getting a Logie so if you’re holding your breath because you’ve felt I might have a hidden acting talent, inhale deeply! I FORGOT HOW TO WALK, PEOPLE. Who forgets how to walk “naturally”?! I taught children to walk yet the cameras came out and that was it, all over, no muscle memory for me. Every time the camera started rolling on the day, instantly I couldn’t coordinate my arms to my legs. It was deer in the headlights stuff. So it looks like I just decided not to use my arms at all at some points 😂 In saying all this, if any on screen work is going for a character who can’t coordinate limbs- I’M YA GAL! {swipe across for the evidence} • • • [visual description: 2 videos. Make sure sound is on. First video is a snippet from the postcards segment that is going to air Sunday. It shows Bec and me strolling around Yarraville, going into shops, eating frozen yoghurt, looking at books etc. The second video shows snippets from Seinfeld and Arrested Development along side snippets of me walking with my arms hanging by my side.]

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