My Dad tuned 50 just over a year ago (which I’m sure he loves me sharing) and I really wanted to by him a personalised present.

I’ve always gone silly when in it comes to gifts for my parents putting lots of effort in. One year for christmas I hand drew our family tree (my dad is 1 of 8 I would like you to know!) and tirelessly did cm by cm under my huge magnifier as my eyesight is poor. It took me 2 months. So the bottom line is, I’m a sucker for impressing my parents (first child syndrome?)

I just could not think of a present for him this time. I did lots of looking around and finally figured out what I would do. I would get a portrait done of him and my mum.

I’m not a huge fan of people hanging portraits of themselves in their house but thought it would be sweet that it was of both my parents.

Little did they know it wasn’t any old portrait.

I gave Dad the painted canvas and he bloody loved it. He smothered me with hugs of appreciation and was so grateful and impressed but he totally looked past the signature in the bottom corner of the painting saying “Pricasso”

I then told him that there was a DVD of the man painting it to show its authenticity. We all sat down to watch it (and I escorted my 11 year old sister out of the room.)

It was then hysteria. My Mum was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe and my Dad’s jaw dropped.

The very talented artist “Pricasso” paints all his paintings with his genitals.

My dad immediately regretted kissing the face of my Mum in the portrait!

If you are interested in having a portrait done for someone check out Pricasso here. It is a great present because not only is it just plain hilarious but his art is very impressive. My Nanna thought it was a wonderful present (but we chose not to show her the DVD!)

This is the portrait of my dad (if you know him it is pretty accurate)