The World Is Predictable In Times Of Tragedy

Devastating news about last night in Orlando.

To me, it seems this is the world we live in:

•A place where trans people entering bathrooms is seen as a threat to safety but the “freedom” to buy guns and even military assault rifles is not.

•Where the only thing keeping society safe is whether or not a potential murderer feels like murdering that particular day.

•Where people will use the death of a group of people to push their own personal agendas.

•Where mass shootings in first world countries ripple sympathy throughout the world but the people who flea these kind of scenes everyday are met with little sympathy and, in Australia, are punished with off shore detention.

•Where “prayers” and “thoughts” are continually given out by people but active pursuits for law reform and blood donations are not.

•Where so many people are eager to quickly engage in Islamaphobia and Homophobia rather than look for logical explanations, recognise our country’s participation in war and look in our own backyard and its toxic masculinity.

•Where the call by straight, white, cis, males to beat low morale, murders and hate crimes is with “pride and love” while LGBTQI, POC, visibly religious people and females shake their heads knowing that while they don’t want to live in fear and that love and pride is wonderful – the reality is it won’t keep them safe.

•Where mass shootings/killings are so common that many people try to scroll past these stories on news sites so they are not getting continually depressed and feeling helpless.

I’m truly mad today that this is the world we still live in. Can we all just make a pact to be KINDER? My prayers seem to have done diddly-squat so far and I can’t do much to donate blood or change another country’s shitty laws but I can vouch to try to be kinder to people around me. Not judge before I know the facts. Not ever put up with homophobia, Islamaphobia, sexism/gender biases, racism, ableism and all those “isms” and “phobias” that negatively impact people. I know it seems fluffy and hardly a hard hitting tactic against extremists. I also know kindness isn’t going to keep everyone safe. However being kind is one thing we ALL have control over and impacts others.

A small gesture of solidarity with many of those hurting today.