Vegan Make-Up Available In Australia

As I’m sure is the case for many people on Instagram, I get asked what make-up I use a lot. I’m certainly no “beauty blogger” but I do love using and playing with make-up (especially as a form of self expression) and I get zooshed up for fancy events from time to time.

But let’s be real, I think I’m asked so frequently because I’m vegan.

As much as I love a good contour, I truly believe that no animal should have to suffer for my cheekbones. I think prioritising animal welfare over “beauty” is one of the lowest bars we can set for animals. I’m certainly not flawless (hello, this is a make-up blog remember? I’m hiding my flaws – haha, jokes) and I understand that consumerism impacts on the environment and animals, but surely….suuuurely…a mascara isn’t worth killing a literal guinea pig?

Anyway, I digress. Below are my recommendations. I do go through phases of loving one product and then finding a new one I love and moving on, so keep in mind these are the products I’m currently infatuated with but I’ll probably cheat on them in a few months time.

My requirements are that it’s vegan, cruelty free, no ridiculous hoops to jump through to get it in Australia… and it works!

Liquid Foundation

Lock-It Foundation by Kat Von D $35

This foundation comes in a huge range of colours and tones so I’m extremely, cockily confident that you’ll find your match no matter your colour. It’s super-dooper easy and quick to buy online, but I do recommend going into Sephora if you can because it may take a little while to find your match purely because there are so many options!

Mineral (Dry) Foundation

Natural Mineral Cover Foundation by NudeByNature $39.95.

What looks like the tiniest portion, but lasts for so long because you don’t need much. Stocked at Priceline if you want to try before you buy. They often have great sales and bundle packages on it too which makes buying it cheaper. I also lightly use their Mineral Finishing Veil sometimes instead of a setting spray (also $39.95)


Ink Well Long-Wear Matte Eyeliner by Kat Von D. $20

I prefer a dip pot over a pen so this is what I like, but Kat Von D also has a pen with incredible reviews. Seriously, the best reviews you’ll read for any eyeliner ever! A woman was in a car accident, stayed in ER and her eyeliner didn’t budge. Google it!

I also heard that The Quick Flick is incredible, though I haven’t used it yet. I know it’s also stocked at Priceline as I was generously gifted it, Insta Storied it, and my direct message inbox blew up with people raving about how much they loved it.


I have many but my favourites are usually Australis ($14.95) or Lime Crime $20 (under $10 on sale)

Lime Crime can be found in a few stores here in Australia (click here to see stockists) but I buy it online 1. for the sales and 2. for the cute unicorn box it gets sent in… my kids love to play with the box and that way we all win.

Almost all off Australis is vegan (everything is obviously cruelty free) but I recommend checking out which ones are vegan on their website then going into Priceline to check them out (again, for the sales!)


Mecca Max $22 – $30

Mecca Max recently celebrated their first birthday by going 100% vegan! They only had 15 products that weren’t vegan (out of 200+) but I was so happy they went all the way to a hundgy. Yahoo!

I personally only use powder to contour (because I’m a tad amateur and haven’t figured out how to use wet/cream contour without it rubbing my darn foundation off.) And Mecca Max’s dry/powder/whatever-the-correct-terminolgy-is contour products are the shizz. They also have brilliant bronzers that don’t look like you’ve rolled in dirt, and highlighters that are just the right amount of ethereal, dewy, “this is where the sun hits my face” goodness.


W7 Very Vegan Black Mascara $4.99

FIVE. DOLLARS. You read that right. FIVE DOLLARS. And yet people pay $$$ to have the animal torturing kind – argh. Don’t get me started.

This mascara is the best. It has a brush that brushes but isn’t a wanker with eyelash technology, and puts on the a perfect amount as you apply. It isn’t waterproof though so try not to think about the bunnies being abused for the other kinds of mascaras because it will run.

I know this is stocked at  Chemist Warehouse too – convenient and cheap!


Biodegradable Glitter by Damed $11.95

Because WHY NOT TO GLITTER?! I mean, I get it if it’s the plastic fish choking type, but this line is biodegradable and plant based (don’t worry vegans, I know “plant based” is sometimes code for “we used mostly plants but also threw in an animal’s kidney.” But this stuff is actually vegan.) It is recommended that you still don’t wash it directly down the drain but check out their FAQs on their site for more details.

I know it’s stocked at Tibbs and Bones in Northcote (Melbourne, Australia) but ring ahead to see if they have the biodegradable type in stock because I know it sells fast!

Technically not make-up but I’m throwing it in anyway…


Delphi uses Manic Panic, Cheska uses Lime Crime. Both cost under $10 to do their full head but adults would cost more.

Both are plant based and there are no nasty chemicals! Cheska has light blonde hair so can use almost anything/any colour and it sticks. Delphi’s hair is darker so she usually has to use darker colours (blue, green, purple etc) for it to show up. Lime Crime washes out much more quickly and generally has far less mess. Manic Panic has stronger pigments and will definitely stain your skin for a little while if you get it on yourself, however it lasts much longer. Nevertheless, if you want to just have some temporary fun with hair colour, Manic Panic have a dye called “Dye Hard” which is temporary.

*insert vanity photo to end make-up blog on*

So that’s it (for now.) Let me know if you have any secret vegan make-up wonders that I should know about!