Why I Would Never Reach For My Dreams

Surely you will agree with me that you have no control about what you dream about, yeah?

So, I had this dream that I thought was just that outrageous that it was hilarious and therefore had to share it with Liam. I suppose you want to know what it was?

Well, in my dream I… well… I don’t know how to put this but… I made whoopee with a monster.

OI! Don’t judge me! And don’t get on your “I only dream the purest thoughts” high horse because you are lying. And frankly, since you are probably reading this to yourself and most likely just felt that awkward twinge about a dream you had that you wouldn’t want anyone to know about, you are also lying to yourself if you judge me.

And if you are one of those dream analysing, psychologist type of people, please don’t even try to explain to me why this ran through my brain.

I have no fetishes. Well, at least none about monsters. And if you have to know details it wasn’t like a really scary monster that had his way with me or (debatably the worse option) a Sesame Street monster. I suppose you would say it was like a Yeti or Big foot?

Needless to say, Liam wasn’t impressed. Apparently, I am only meant have dreams where he is the star. I tried quizzing him about his dreams to prove that he has off-the-wall dreams too. His answer was, “I have the right to remain silent.”

Okay, I know it is weird but most dreams are bewildering, aren’t they? It is thought that somehow as our mysterious brains put all the thoughts and events of the day onto our internal hard drive, we dream and in the process some pretty crazy stuff appears. It is totally out of the brain holder’s control.

Therefore, because dreams are pretty unrealistic, unearthy and unsual, I have never really understood why people say “reach for your dreams.” I mean, I understand the symbolism of it but really, dreams are whack.

I don’t think I have ever had one dream that I would ever aspire to reach for. Most of my dreams fall in the following categories:

  • Horny
  • Weird / What-the-f***
  • Falling -Yep, just continually falling off buildings and cliffs
  • My teeth being smashed out (I think I must grind my teeth?)
  • Nightmares- Mostly where my kids or sister are in danger, house fires, war, lots of running away from stuff (and sometimes my legs wont move) or Liam is dying/dead. Awful. I actually cry sometimes!
  • Talking to famous people- Most of which I have never met in actual life but in my dream we are friends from way back
  • Supernatural- Usually I can fly or jump really high
  • I am incredibly intelligent – I know answers to everything even cures for diseases, every species of plant’s scientific name and even correct lecturers at university (dream on Annie)

I hardly ever wake up from a dream and go, wow, now my life’s meaning is clear and I want to reach for what I just dreamt about.

Heck no. Most of my dreams I am woken from by screaming children and then at about 10am as I am mopping the floor, I remember what my dream was about. Then, I have that awkward feeling come over me and look over my shoulder as if a mind reader is just about to walk in the room.

That is unless the dream is about Liam marrying some other woman and the kids really like her and the cat even deciding it wants to live at her house. In that case, I wake up in a huff and take it out on Liam (the unsuspecting and innocent victim) until my irrational jealousy calms down.

Dreams wouldn’t be what they are if we had a choice over what we could dream about. If I could, I would dream of my late brother, Thomas, every night and try to relive my childhood. Or run through sunny, green fields with all my pets that have passed on. And believe me, I have tried VERY hard to dream of these things. I have laid there for hours and hours in a tired state saying “please come to me in my dream tonight.” But it just doesn’t work that way.

So instead, I am stuck with making out with friggen monsters.

Nevertheless, despite Liam being unhappy about my dream and denying that it is normal to dream of such ridiculous scenarios, later that night he exposed that he dreams of similar things too.

You see, Liam sleep talks.

And Liam, Honey, I KNOW you are just like me! 😉